Твой путь, твой успех, твоя игра!

gameway  17.04.2009 15:41:33

Braid для PC - взрыв мозга гарантирован!

Лучший сайт о PС играх GameWay взорвал свой мозг когда играл в нашумевшую на консолях аркаду-пазл Braid. Игра недавно вышла на PC и теперь владельцы компьютеров также могут насладится этой головоломкой, созданной всего одним человеком.

Braid стала первой игрой получившей от нас максимальные 5 баллов из пяти, и первой игрой удостоившейся звания "Выбор редакции" GameWay.

Простота и гениальность Braid увлекает, красочный и симпатичный мир затягивает. Почему мы в восторге от Braid? Читайте в рецензии - Braid – рецензия (обзор, review).

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ща подивимось=))
Я від гри тащуся:) важить мало, грається на любому компі хоч на роботі хоч дома
коли остаточно свої пройду, тепер знатиму, куди далі йти)) дякую))
В гру граєш і відпочиваєш просто. Дуже класно знімає стреси:)
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Отметила себе)
моя любимая из малышек -- World Of Goo. Качается бесплатно -- это принципиальная позиция разработчиков. погуглите и найдёте. зависание на часы гарантировано, проверено на жене :)
Ага слышал про нее. Надо будет поюзать. Вообще мне очень нравится тенденция - инди игры от инди разработчиков дают жару акулам бизнеса простотой и гениальностью и какой то особой симпатичностью:)
да потому что делают как для себя, родных, а не под запросы целевой аудитории, которая чаще всего, сами понимаете :)))
Игра супер!! Кто не знает где скачать игру или как пройти некоторые уровни то Вам сюда: [url=]World of Goo: Корпорация Гуу! Фан сайт игры World of Goo.[/url] [url=]Прохождение World of Goo[/url]
Игра супер!! Кто не знает где скачать игру или как пройти некоторые уровни то Вам сюда:
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headphones official website of Magic ,Monster headset I have seen on the Internet, said sound engineer sound good, but I think Monster is a very stuido beats headphones American style of headphones, powerbeats headphones he for some of rap and heavy metal like rock dr dre studio music, vocal, classical, etc.the performance is poor.In fact, the price a thousand dollars Headphones, dr dre solo hd beats each has the appropriate type of music.Music Beats Studio Ferrari ibeats headphones enthusiasts can choose according to their preferences. In the sale, Ferrari beats headphones the magic ibeats sound of lies maintenance, tour beats consumers tourbeats should call the regular beats studio james channels to buy Monster products to ensure product justbeats headphones and service quality. james studio Where red solo hd headphones the magic sound of the regular stores or Ferrari studio dr dre beats lamborghini through authorized channels to monster beats solo hd buy the magic sound of the formal product, monster beats lamborghini Beats Studio Kobe Bryant shelf life, such as generating the first beam broken, Fracture, degumming beats studio Lamborghini open plastic, Kobe Bryant beats poor contact and other issues, the company will solo beats by dre dr dre beats turbine provide the magic sound Baotuibaohuan services, beats solo headphones consumer monster beats turbine satisfaction and return intention.Now kobe Bryant beats headphones you can rest assured that the official website to buy, beats solo hd we are here for you, solo hd beats we guarantee you build quality.
Noise pro beats reduction justbeats pro headphones headset had indeed beats pro getting closer and closer to us. monster Beats Jamz As we beats jamz improve jamz beats quality ladygaga heartbeats of life requirement, people pay more and justbeats headphones more attention to the noise pollution around, ladygaga headphones justbeats ladygaga earphones solo hd everyone can't completely avoid noise monster beats solo interference, bring at work, Beats Studio Red Sox travel... We cannot control the ZaoYinYuan, then try to make noise noise can not enter the ear, Red Sox headphones then headset appeared. Red Sox monster beats At first, headphones by ladygaga the noise reduction headphones, but not for civilian design for Turbine Pro special industry in great perennial work for the people and the noise environment design. heartbeats Turbine Pro headphones lady gaga Nowadays, it also began to bring benefit to mankind.

The noise Turbine Pro by dr dre headset left us with maximum impression is the price high. In fact, after recent development beats stuio diamond of audience-centred thinking, studio diamond earphones by ladygaga diddy beats there are already noise headphones, diddy beats headphones only the products diddy beats earphones has close to the public, we just have interest continue to understand, and also have powerbeats power beats earphones powerbeats by dr our this noise powerbeats headphones reduction headset series horizontal review. Some time ago we have introduced paragraph 4 Beats Studio Ferrari powerbeats of the noise earplugs, this paper as the second part assessment, power beats by dre Ferrari beats headphones 8 of the wearing type noise reduction headphones reviews.
The well-known Ferrari studio ibeats earphones consumer from global convergence in this, and noise headset BOSE, SONY Beats Studio Kobe Bryant , SenHaiSaiEr and other international big games, monster ibeats SHN5600 all Kobe Bryant beats except the ibeats earphones by dr philips 10 other products are in 1000 yuan of above, the most expensive reached 33 yuan.

In this paper, kobe Bryant beats headphones ibeats headphones by dr dre we will focus on the appearance of comparative headphones, justbeats details and wear justbeats headphones comfort, tourbeats earphones in addition to the noise ability is employed to test new means, justbeats solo hd beats butterfly headphones by ladygaga of course, ultimately heartbeats lady gaga little also tour beats headphones not timbre PK, earphones by ladygaga every link abnormal fascinating, not to be missed. powerbeats earphones Wear comfort is in a headset by Beats Miles Davis powerbeats users access to eventually one of the important factors, the noise is probably more so headset. power beats by dre Many users will be used in the Turbine Pro earphones long trip noise headphones, ibeats earphones beats by dre Turbine Pro Copper continuous wearing time is long, monster ibeats the stand or fall of comfort here to be amplified, monster Beats Studio diamond so the horizontal review we will focus on the concerns of a few headset wearing the measurable.

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